Address for VISA issues

  • ​Villa Fink, Coconut Grove 1, Diani Beach Road, Ukunda

There is no official address, but here are some possibilities how to describe it:

Villa Fink

  • ​in: Coconut Grove 1, Galu Beach

  • next to the village KANU

  • Within the gated community: The 4th house on the right side, opposite BAOBAB house

  • ​200 steps from the main gate to the house gate​

Other descriptions:

  • Galu Beach

  • Opposite of the BEACH entrance of JETSKI (Steffen),

  • ​Opposite of the BEACH entrance of Mvureni Fisherman Restaurant (before Hotel NEPTUN, after Simba Oryx)

  • 6 km south of Chanderana

  • 10 km from Ukunda (Rungai)

PLEASE get in contact with caretaker IBRA:

+254 797 822 259‬


Village Kanu
Left: yellow sign - JETSKI
Then: 50m right: Coconut Grove 1

Gate of Coconut Grove 1

200 m along the way,
the 4th villa on the right