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​1. Diani Hospital provides a good service - run by Indians

    • ​From clients we have heard that everything is perfect there

    • Website: Diani Hospital

2. General Practioner Doctor at Chanderanna

    • Bahari Medical Clinic - Dr. P. Onkoba

    • +254 723206130

    • Email:

    • Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm​

Info for most European countries:

    • pay the bill at the doctor

    • in your home country you will get the money back

There are many private hospitals around...


​1. General Information

​2. Suggestion: get from the drug stores

    • COARTEM or

    • COTEXIN - it comes as a pack of 24 tabs taken over 3 days

​If you have problems at home - then you have the right medicine!

Yellow Fever


  1. There is a 2,50 m high wall with a razor wire that protects the compound from the outland

  • there is a watchmen, Massai Noah, Tel: +254 700 110541 within the gated community

2. Lock the door at night!

  • The lights on the terrace and at the pool will be on!

3. Use M-PESA - do not carry too much cash

4. At Night

    • Don´t walk alone around at night!

    • Don´t carry a lot of money with you!