Asked Questions

The Villa

Do you have WIFI 🌐?

YES, we have a new (2022) 4G Modem from Huawei.

For business reason it is adviceable to get a SIM-Card and buy some local bundels to be safe.

What is the name and the number of the Care taker?

Ibra: +254 797 822259

How many guests can stay in the villa?

We offer a 2-bedroom villa with a hugh 1st floor.

The 2 bed-rooms are well equipped with a queen bed. One room has an extra bed for a child.

The 1st floor has a queen bed and an extra bed, but it is open.

We only have 1 bathroom and a small kitchen, so we suggest 4 guests - 6 maximum!

What about (drinking) water?

Do we share the pool? 🏊

You are alone on our compound!
The pool and the garden are only for the guests who are staying in our villa!!

Do we have a POOL 💡💡LIGHT at night? 

The switch is at the pool house - left to the massage bed on the wall.
A bit tricky to find - but you can do it! ...and its worth!
Please also turn it off.

Do you have hot 🌡️ water for shower?

You have to turn it on after 10min you have hot water
PLEASE also turn it OFF!!!

Whats is a caretaker? How do we keep our privacy!

European guests are not used to a caretaker.
His job is to take care of the villa and the guests!
Here you find his duties and HOW to keep your PRIVACY!!

What about security?

The villa is in a guared community.
There is a 

In the villa:

At night when you go out:

Can I wash my laundry?

We dont have a washing machine. But give your laundry to my care taker IBRA and he will do it for.
It is ok if you tip him!

The neighbours are loud - make a party - what can we do?

We are lucky - the local neighbours are quiet now - and even the roosters seem to dissapear.

But all of the villas around could have guests and you never know what they do.
Tell them directly to put down the music - or party with them!!

What is within walking distance of the villa?

Next to the villa there is everything you need ...

Is a super market near?

The next supermarket is at Chanderana, Food Plus.
But a lot of basics are just outside the gate in Kanu: water, meat, eggs, drinks, fruits and vegetagles, ...

What about kitchen appliances? 🍳

We try the best that the kichen is well equiped:

Do you offer breakfast (airBnB, Bed&Breakfast)?

We only offer beds!! ... a  beautiful villa, garden, kitchen stuff, terrace, balkony and a lot of privacy!!
You can organize a chef - but it costs extra: the cook and the food he buys!
Take a look to our partners!

It is late and I want to eat and to drink something?

Can you organize a chef (cook) 👨‍🍳 - and how much is it? 

Yes, a chef is not a problem - I can connect you to 2 chefs who live and work next door.
Both are on WhatsApp - here they are!

You can make any arrangement with them - it is approx KES 500.- per meal.

Rates depend on

Kitchen appliances - they are not enough!

We always buy new things, but they seem to get broken and to disappear!
PLEASE tell the caretaker what you want and need - and he will buy it - and we will pay it!!

What kind of extra - services 😊 can you offer?

We have partners for



Tips & Tricks




Moiz Boutique

Money Issues

How can I pay 💰 the rate?

There a many possibilities.
We try to reduce costs - for you and for us.
Take a look to the payment methods!

What about cash 💵 or credit/debit card 💳?

1) At the shopping center Chandarana (FOOD PLUS) are 2 ATMs (Bankomat).
- only VISA

2) At the entrance of shopping center Chandarana (FOOD PLUS) you also can change chash!
- The rate is good - often better then in some special places I know...

3) At the shopping center CARREFOUR there are another 2 ATMs
- works good with MEASTRO and others

Do I give a tip to the caretaker?

Yes, if you are happy with the service every tip for IBRA is welcome!

Getting to Kenya - Diani - the Villa... TRANSPORT

How do I find the villa? 🗺️

Villa on google maps!


See my site: Find

What do I need to get to Kenya? - eVISA!!! ⚡⚡

You need

Can you organize transport 🚕 for us?

Yes, we can.
We have different taxi drivers which are very reliable.


How do I get from SGR 🚉 to Ukunda/Diani?

Can I rent a motorbike 🛵 or a car 🚗?

Yes, there are different places

Health Issues

What about Malaria?

​1) General Information

2) Find a tropical doctor in your area and talk with him if you should take a prophilax or not!

3) Prevention

​4) Suggestion: get from the drug stores


​1) Diani Hospital provides a good service - run by Indians

2) General Practioner Doctor at Chanderanna

Is there medical help around? 👨🏽‍⚕️

Yes, there a lot of doctors and hospitals.

See my site: Health 

What kind of vaccine do I need? 💉

Where can I make a PCR Test in Diani?

Diani Hospital provides a good service - run by Indians

General Practioner Doctor at Chanderanna


What is the best time to travel?

In the European winter it is dry in Kenya - in April/May the rainy season begins.
From December to March, a north wind blows - in summer a stronger south wind - for kiting or for cooling.

Here is a climate map!

I want to make a Safari 🦁 🐘🦓 - is that possible?

Yes, Diani is a good starting point for different safaris.
You can enter

Take a look to my site about activities!

You also can fly from Ukunda to Masai Mara - what is also a special experience.
Get in contact with our safari partners Robert and Saidi - their offices are next door!

Here is my site: Partners

Can I give a positive 😀😀😀 review ?

Thanks for your effort!

If you have good ideas, inputs you want to share with other guests -
send me an Email and I will add them!