The Beach - Galu Beach

Diani Beach and Galu Beach are among the most beautiful beaches on this world...

​In 6 walking minutes you are at the Indian Ocean - and you can walk up and down the beach for miles...



Africa and specially Kenya are known for Safaris:

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Kiting and WindSurfing

Galu and Diani Beach are hot spots for Kite Surfers. There is a Kite School and the possibility to rent Kites right where you enter the beach... Go for it! 

​A movie explains more then 1.000 words...

There are about 9 Kite and Surf Schools around - 2 of them are next door to the Villa Fink - Diani!‬

Explanation of beams:

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My neighbor in Coconut Grove
JORIS (Villa Mashariki) organizes a great kite camp!
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Scuba Diving

There are many Scuba Schools along the beach which belong to Germans or Austrians residentials. The equipment is in a perfect state and the dive masters are really good. Normally you make a day/boat trip with 2 dives. Costs approx. € 100.-

Other sea and ocean activities:

Golf Ressort

The Leisure Lodge Golf Resort offers a 18-hole golf course.

Chilling & Party

Plenty of


Horse Riding

Water splash for Kids